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Title: I Spy
Author: [ profile] babylil
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The Stargate universe does not belong to me, I am making no profit from this work of fiction.
Written for: [ profile] nandamai
Prompt: S9 or S10, Jack and Sam on the same offworld mission, with them in an established relationship and their canonical jobs.
Beta: [ profile] laurajo
Summary: Jack was looking forward to going offworld with SG-1 again, but he wasn't expecting it to be so... strange.
Author's note: Despite different prompts and a complete lack of communication prior to writing (though we do admit to collaborating on this author's note), [ profile] laurajo and I seem to have exhibited our sharing of a single brain with this ficathon. We hope you'll just be as amused as we are about the whole thing!

I Spy )
Team!Awesome, aka [ profile] babylil, [ profile] meeshyickle and [ profile] thudjack present...

Crime Crossovers 2007 [ profile] crimecrossover...

What is Crime Crossovers 2007?

The Crime Crossover Ficathon is a fiction exchange where writers sign up to write a crossover based on the requests of another writer, and get a story written for them in return. The crossovers involve crime shows (Shocking, we know!).

Interested??? Go check out [ profile] crimecrossover, and the Rules & Sign-Up post here!!

Also? If you are a member of any crime fandoms/communities/mailing lists andthey allow pimping, please feel free to either pimp this, or let usknow where we can pimp it!!
Title: Poof!
Author: [ profile] babylil
Rating: PG
Characters/pairing: Weir/Novak, Weir/McKay friendship
Category: Humour (I hope!), romance
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Somebody else's, not mine.

Author's Note: written for [ profile] trinity1986, for [ profile] sg_rarepairings. Thanks to [ profile] meeshyickle and [ profile] havocthecat for organising it (and additional thanks to [ profile] meeshyickle who gave me a last minute read-through). Apologies for the lateness.


'Poof!' )
Title: Distractions
Author: Lin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Monica Reyes and John Doggett belong to Chris Carter, the rest of the characters belong to Jerry Bruckheimer. Nothing's mine but the situation.

Summary: "Samantha Spade has a reputation for taking her work (her colleagues) home with her. Taking witnesses home with her is probably the next logical step."

Author's Notes: Written for the Femslash Today 'Guns & Microscopes' ficathon, for [ profile] celievamp. Truckloads of beta-love to [ profile] mandysbitch for licking this into shape. Any remaining blunders are obviously my own.

Distractions )

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