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Title: Distractions
Author: Lin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Monica Reyes and John Doggett belong to Chris Carter, the rest of the characters belong to Jerry Bruckheimer. Nothing's mine but the situation.

Summary: "Samantha Spade has a reputation for taking her work (her colleagues) home with her. Taking witnesses home with her is probably the next logical step."

Author's Notes: Written for the Femslash Today 'Guns & Microscopes' ficathon, for [livejournal.com profile] celievamp. Truckloads of beta-love to [livejournal.com profile] mandysbitch for licking this into shape. Any remaining blunders are obviously my own.


Samantha Spade has a reputation for taking her work (her colleagues) home with her. Taking witnesses home with her is probably the next logical step.

That isn't why she takes Monica Reyes home. Neither is it the lost look in Monica's eyes, a look that grows more intense with every passing hour they don't find her missing partner.

It's something much simpler than that.

She takes Monica home because Monica asks her to.


The first time Samantha Spade lays eyes on Monica Reyes she's blotting away tears in the ladies room on the fourth floor of the FBI's New York office. She turns away quickly when she hears Samantha approach, reaching for the paper towel dispenser with unsteady hands.

Samantha washes her hands, reapplies her lipstick, and runs her fingers through her hair. She watches Monica in the mirror, looking away each time their eyes threaten to meet. Eventually she asks, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Monica forces a tight smile. "Thank you," she adds, brushing past Samantha as she leaves.

Back at the office the team is gathered around the briefing table. Samantha knows before the dark haired figure at the head of the table turns around whom it will be. She shows no sign of recognising Samantha as Jack gestures for her to take a seat.

Jack gestures towards Samantha. "Agent Reyes, Special Agent Samantha Spade. Sam, Special Agent Monica Reyes. Agent Reyes' partner is missing. She's about to brief us on the details."

Throughout the briefing Samantha watches Monica closely. Later she is baffled to hear Danny describe Monica as "hard as nails." Samantha is sure she would have spotted the cracks in Monica's armour even without the opportunity to watch her paint over them in the ladies room.


John's sunglasses are lying discarded on the dashboard when Monica slips into her rental car a little after 1am. It's enough to make her want to go back into the office, to insist that she's not tired and that she can work as long as any of them. She'll sleep when she's found him.

She opens the door and has one foot on the ground when Samantha's voice makes her look up.

"You really should go back to your hotel and get some sleep."

"No, what I should do is look for John until I find him." Monica closes her eyes wearily. "He wouldn't sleep if it were me."

"Which of you drove yesterday?"

"I did."

"So you drove four hours yesterday? More?" Monica nods. "And Agent Doggett went missing yesterday afternoon, so I'm guessing you've probably spent more of the last thirty-six hours driving than sleeping."

Monica takes Samantha's reach towards the car door as an intention to close it, and begins to lean back into the driver's seat. To Monica's surprise, Samantha opens the car door.

"Get out," Samantha says, with a gentle smile. "I'll drive you to your hotel."


The traffic is light as Samantha drives out of the FBI parking garage and turns onto the street. She watches Monica gaze out of the window, and reaches over to brush her elbow.

"Jack really is the best, you know, Agent Reyes." Monica meets Samantha's eyes. "Jack and Danny are still checking out leads, and first thing tomorrow morning we'll be back to help them. We'll find your partner."

Samantha can't tell whether Monica believes her or not. She turns back to gazing out of the window and they drive on in silence. Samantha pulls over as an ambulance speeds past, then eases back into the traffic.

"Is it Samantha, or Sam?" Monica asks.

"There are a couple of people I can't get to stop calling me Sam, but mostly it's Samantha."

"Samantha it is." Monica's smile is genuine, but nervous and uncertain. "I'm going to ask you to do something for which we should probably be on a first name basis, so you should call me Monica."

Samantha looks at Monica until the lights change and she has to turn her attention back to the road. Monica doesn't speak until Samantha's eyes are no longer on her. "Don't take me to my hotel. Let me stay at your place tonight."


There's nowhere to park within two blocks of Samantha's apartment, so they throw caution to the wind and abandon the car impatiently in a loading zone.

The moment the apartment door closes behind them Monica's hands are in Samantha's hair, her lips on Samantha's neck. They shed clothes on the way to the bedroom and Samantha falls backwards onto the unmade bed as Monica pushes her down.

The sex is rushed and awkward, hands and limbs clashing frantically. Afterwards they lie with sweaty limbs tangled beneath the sheets. Samantha whispers, her lips only inches from Monica's ear. "Why?"

Monica shakes her head and is momentarily quiet. She watches Samantha and doesn't know how to explain without sounding cruel. Samantha's eyes are closing when Monica finally speaks.

"John's missing. It's killing me."

"I can understand that. You just wanted to feel something."

"It wasn't like that." Rolling onto her side, Monica reaches out and curls a piece of Samantha's hair around her index finger.

"It wasn't?"

"No. I was just attracted to you, and I was thinking…" Monica takes a deep breath and lets it out. "God, I wasn't thinking at all. I wanted to stop thinking. You helped me to do that." She doesn't say 'I was using you', but she thinks it.

"I was – am – a distraction." Samantha's tone is matter-of-fact.

Monica opens her mouth to deny it and finds she can't form the words. Instead she tells the truth. "Yes, I'm sorry. You are."

Samantha shrugs slightly, the sheet slipping lower with the action. "Don't apologise, Monica. That's what I assumed we were doing." She turns onto her side, facing Monica, and pulls the sheet and comforter up to her neck. "We should get some sleep before work."

Monica nods, reaching out and touching Samantha's face gently before lying back and closing her eyes. She is halfway towards sleep when she murmurs "thank you."


It's still dark when Samantha's cell phone wakes her. It rings four or five times as she fumbles blindly on the floor by the bed for her purse. She's only been asleep for three hours.

"Spade." She says.

"You sound like crap." Danny's voice is bright, and Samantha is immediately awake. The only possible reason for cheer at 5am is a break in the case.

"It's early, Danny," Samantha says. She looks over at Monica. Monica is awake and watching Samantha closely. "Do you have news, or did you wake me up for fun?"

"Hey, sorry. Listen, we're pretty sure we've found Agent Doggett. Unconscious in a Brooklyn hospital, but apparently not badly hurt. Jack's about to call Agent Reyes to come over and confirm the ID."

"Great work, Danny." Sam smiles tentatively at Monica, who's already begun pulling on clothing with a hopeful smile that shows she's gathered the nature of the conversation. "Tell Jack that I'll pick Mon– Agent Reyes up and take her to the hospital."

Samantha is in the bathroom, smudging concealer over the shadows under her eyes, by the time Monica's cell phone starts to ring. She half-listens to the conversation as she brushes her hair and teeth. When she exits the bathroom Monica is standing by the couch, fully dressed and holding the car keys.


The drive to the hospital takes twenty minutes and feels like twenty hours. Monica checks her watch at least once every minute. She flips the radio on, twirls the dial through every station, and then flips it off again. She can't sit still.

"Did they tell you how they found him?" Monica asks.

Samantha shakes her head. "Danny said he'd fill me in when we got there. But given that they found him at a hospital, my guess would be that he came up as a matching John Doe when they circulated his description."

"John Doe." Monica shudders. The phrase makes her think of dead bodies. She doesn't ask any more questions.

Samantha pulls into the parking lot of the hospital and stops right outside the main entrance.

"Go in and see your partner. I'll find a parking space and follow you in."

Monica opens her door and then stops, turning back to Samantha. Samantha smiles and suddenly Monica leans forward and presses her lips to Samantha's. The kiss is soft, and over quickly. Before Samantha can respond Monica is out of the car and walking toward the hospital doors.

Samantha watches Monica until the doors close behind her, and then she drives away.


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