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Title: I Spy
Author: [ profile] babylil
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The Stargate universe does not belong to me, I am making no profit from this work of fiction.
Written for: [ profile] nandamai
Prompt: S9 or S10, Jack and Sam on the same offworld mission, with them in an established relationship and their canonical jobs.
Beta: [ profile] laurajo
Summary: Jack was looking forward to going offworld with SG-1 again, but he wasn't expecting it to be so... strange.
Author's note: Despite different prompts and a complete lack of communication prior to writing (though we do admit to collaborating on this author's note), [ profile] laurajo and I seem to have exhibited our sharing of a single brain with this ficathon. We hope you'll just be as amused as we are about the whole thing!

I Spy )
Title: Poof!
Author: [ profile] babylil
Rating: PG
Characters/pairing: Weir/Novak, Weir/McKay friendship
Category: Humour (I hope!), romance
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Somebody else's, not mine.

Author's Note: written for [ profile] trinity1986, for [ profile] sg_rarepairings. Thanks to [ profile] meeshyickle and [ profile] havocthecat for organising it (and additional thanks to [ profile] meeshyickle who gave me a last minute read-through). Apologies for the lateness.


'Poof!' )
Title: Distractions
Author: Lin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Monica Reyes and John Doggett belong to Chris Carter, the rest of the characters belong to Jerry Bruckheimer. Nothing's mine but the situation.

Summary: "Samantha Spade has a reputation for taking her work (her colleagues) home with her. Taking witnesses home with her is probably the next logical step."

Author's Notes: Written for the Femslash Today 'Guns & Microscopes' ficathon, for [ profile] celievamp. Truckloads of beta-love to [ profile] mandysbitch for licking this into shape. Any remaining blunders are obviously my own.

Distractions )
Title: Spontaneous Actions
Author: Lin (
Rating: PG
Written for: [ profile] daygloparker
Disclaimer: None of this is mine. It belongs partially to MGM etc., and partly to JJ Abrams.

Summary: "We've been tracking a woman called Anna Espinosa, formerly with a terrorist group known as K Directorate, but now gone freelance. She travelled from Colorado to Cairo on a private plane on Tuesday night, with a woman she appears to have abducted against her will. We're pretty sure the woman is Colonel Carter."

Author's Notes: For Tahlia, for the Sam/Jack Ficathon. Enormous beta-worship to [ profile] mandysbitch, who saved this fic from utter disaster. Needless to say the good parts are due to her beta, and the bad entirely my own doing. Finally, props to Ness, who set this whole thing up. Italics indicate flashback.

spontaneous action )
Title: Monday Afternoon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made etc.
Summary: "Who cares what day a fling began?" Sheppard/Weir
Author's Notes: My first Atlantis fic. Thanks go to [ profile] misssimm for comments, and to [ profile] vicki595 for encouragement.

Monday Afternoon )
Title: Sixteen Days
Author: Lin
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Bruckheimer, blah blah.
Summary: You're still counting.

Author's Note: For the Bordy's 'fifteen minute apocalypse' challenge. Hence, written in fifteen minutes, and unbeta'd. Mea culpa. ETA: Also, the 'backwards' challenge. Dude, two challenges with one fic!


sixteen days )

Like I said, written in fifteen minutes, and very likely to be revised before seeing the light of day lists, or even an unlocked LJ entry. Please give me honest opinions. If you hate it, rip it apart, I can take it. I really want to know what you guys think - you're on this filter for a reason.
This is my [ profile] femslash04 fic, which I believe it's now okay to pimp elsewhere.

Title: Not Without Affection
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The West Wing belongs to Aaron Sorkin, John Wells et al. CSI belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer, Alliance Atlantis, CBS et al. Only the situation and the gnocchi are mine.
Summary: Catherine leaned forward conspiratorially. "I'll pretend to be your girlfriend, if you like."
Author's Note: For Oro ([ profile] bananasrock), in response to the Femslash Ficathon '04. West Wing/CSI crossover, CJ/Catherine. Beta'd at short notice by the wonderful [ profile] sarapallas, [ profile] coldbeer, and [ profile] leksa.

Author's Note 2: In a title brainstorming session with The Flatmates (Katherine, [ profile] meamna, and [ profile] trulyalcoholic), there were several honourable mentions, such as, "From Gnocchi to Nookie", "CJ Investigates Women's Naughty Bits", and "My First West Wing/CSI Crossover, by Lindsay Booth, aged 21 and 3/4". I couldn't, in all good conscience, leave them out. My apologies.

Not Without Affection )

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