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I'm horrified. Genuinely horrified.

I've got to give them one thing at least: I didn't see it coming.

I cried when they realised it was Zack, I cried when they were talking about the things they gave him. When Brennan said "I never gave him anything," I was like, dude, you gave him his whole life.

The scene in the hospital when Brennan put her forehead to Zack's was just... painful.

As soon as they started to guess it was him though, I knew it was true. I never believed it was Hodgins for a second, even when he was being creepy with the painkiller button in the hospital, and I was a little more uncertain about Sweets but I was pretty sure it wasn't him.

But dude, Eric's obviously not coming back next season (which makes me even happier that they let him sing last week!), how the HELL did they keep that one quiet?!

I'm thinking this isn't going to help Brennan's trust issues...

In a mostly-unrelated-to-the-plot point, I'm glad she punched Booth at the start. He SHOULD have called her. Her logic about how it made sense that Sweets didn't tell her, but that Booth still should have himself made perfect sense to me.

Also, Angela getting Brennan to go to the funeral by pretending it was just because she needed her there? Totally the right call. Angela = love.

P.S. Bones saw Booth naked and didn't blink and eye, yet I'm too upset about Zack to be excited about it. How much does that suck?

Date: 2008-05-21 12:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] meamna.livejournal.com
Dude I can't believe it. I only just watched it (saw your LJ cut and waited to read your entry til I had) and I'm literally reeling. Wow.

The scene in the hospital when Brennan put her forehead to Zack's was just... painful

That scene was like a knife to the heart. "Bones I need a name". "We know"

Freaking hell!!! I'm speechless!

Date: 2008-05-21 09:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] seshat1.livejournal.com

Right I had to get that over first. Jesus, I mean just. OMG.

Last week I was told that David was returning, so I didn't really worry much all week. But when I saw the start of this weeks (though should have guessed by the time it got to the funeral, but I was still hoping wildly for dream sequence) I actually stopped it and took half an hour to adjust in case he really was dead. In fact I read the beginning of your post, and was like "OMG that doesn't help and she mentioned something about Zack what?!" and that made things worse as I though Booth might live (still with the wild hope, but figured you'd have said more in the first line or so) but was then worried about Zach dying too. So seriously, not clever.

Anyway, I calmed down and sat with my laptop and some tissues (Ha, lame!) to watch. When I realised it was a Gormogon one, I had a brief thought of "oh maybe that was what you meant" but I honestly didn't believe it. And then he exploded, so I kinds assumed it was that (and OMG his hands ow).

I always knew it wasn't Hodgins - partly because they've done that before and partly because duh to obvious. My money actually went to Sweets before anyone said anything (and wow am I looking forward to him next season being pissed they suspected him, but woe, he is not as fun as Zaxk and has been blatantly set up as the replacement uber smart one), but there was also the thing with Hodgin's house, and then I knew. It still doesn't make sense to me, at all, but I knew. :(((

But the whole way through the first few scenes (after Booth was shown thank god) I was lolling like normal - I mean AWESOME punch and waking a guy with a wooden arm without blinking an eye? Hahahahahahaha. I love her. So much. And then breaking into his house and walking in on him in the bath (BEER HAT!) was just amazing. I can't believe he stood up though hahahaha. Her comments were hilarious. I love them.

And yes, Ang was so conniving, but also likely not lying too much either! Ha, bless her.

Also, I loved the early scenes in the hospital - Bones kissing Zaxk on he forehead aw, and also Cam reading him bedtime stories advanced calculus books. I laughed so hard at their interaction. Even though we knew, it was so them and so wonderful and WAH. :(

But GOD. Zack's such a family person, and he's lost everything doing this, I just don't get it. Surely he knew they'd catch him? And why did he listen in the first place, he's smart enough to have figured it out really early on. I almost wish they'd killed him off instead. :( I get that he's scary smart enough to rationalise killing someone, just not that he did it for those reasons. I don't know. Oh, Zack, you should have known better than to listen to Hodgins, you fool. :(

Okay, am going to turn this into an LJ post now, as it's so stupidly long! Haha. Sorry about that. I just am all..... OMG. Woe.

Date: 2008-05-22 06:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nimue47.livejournal.com
OMG. I just watched it myself and I _SO_ didn't expect it. So didn't see that coming! You summed up my feelings nicely! ;) I just love this show!!

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